Academic Achievements During Bachelor's Degree(Four)

Monetary Policy, the Fluctuation of Macroeconomic and the Prices of American Real Estate: VAR Model based Empirical Study Author: Guofeng Zhang Mentor: Linsen Yin Abstract:This article established a VAR model to study the dynamic relationship between monetary policy, the fluctuation of macroeconomic and real estate prices in the United States based on the quarterly data from the first quarter of 1999 to the first quarter of 2015     Read more
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Troy Mar 12, 2018

Academic Achievements During Bachelor's Degree(Three)

Quantitative Effect of Monetary Policy and Fluctuation of Real Estate Prices: Empirical Evidence from First-tier Cities Authors: Guofeng Zhang; Chenghui Zhang; Dandan Song; Linsen Yin Abstract:Taking the four first-tier cities on behalf of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as examples, then by selecting M2 growth rate, leverage growth rate, growth rate of selling price of residential real estate, local GDP growth rate and CPI growth rate from 2001 and 2015 to build panel variable auto regression model (PVAR), we analyze relationships of house price growth rate, money supply growth rate and leverage growth rate     Read more
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Troy Jan 28, 2018

Academic Achievements During Bachelor's Degree(Two)

Asset Securitization Applied to the Belt and Road Initiatives——Take the Sovereign Bank Loan in Emerging Market and Dollar Bonds Issued by Local Governments as Examples Authors: Guofeng Zhang; Chenghui Zhang Mentor: Linsen Yin Abstract:Investment risk is one of the risks that can not be overlooked in the Belt and Road Initiatives.On one hand,China is investing broadly in a loan manner in countries.On the other hand, it is commonplace that domestic local governments issue dollar bonds in oversea markets.Bying analysing America’s CLO market and emerging CDO market     Read more
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Troy Jan 21, 2018

Academic Achievements During Bachelor's Degree(One)

Can Hayekian Business Cycle Theory Explain Practical Economic Operation: Empirical Evidence from ChinaAuthors:Guofeng Zhang; Chenghui Zhang; Linsen Yin Abstract:Hayekian business cycle theory argues easy monetary policy induces unsustainable prosperity and economic recession. This paper is cored on consumer time preference to review China’s economic development in global post financial crisis times from the view of Hayekian business cycle theory included virtual economy in order to explain causes of domestic slow economic growth and current imbalanced economic structure     Read more
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Troy Jan 14, 2018